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And we’re transforming the way businesses buy and sell network services.

Why can’t we buy the internet, on the internet? It’s a simple question but until now, there’s been no answer. Our mission is to provide a platform where anyone can access the world’s leading connectivity providers and market data.

Businesses have been stuck in the traditional procurement cycle for too long. It’s old-school. It’s outdated. It’s just not us. We've transformed the network procurement process into a single source of truth platform.

We’re dynamic and data-driven

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Cloudscene launched


Female employees (we’re serious about diversity and inclusion.)


12-month employee growth 2020


Ping pong tournaments

It all started with a vision (and lots of data)

Cloudscene began as a startup in Brisbane, Australia. This is where you'll still find most of our team building, designing, number crunchin and creating, to bring Cloudscene to businesses all over the world.

From sharing our industry's market intelligent with users, to understanding who has made the steepest improvements in our ping-pong championships, data continues to drive us.

From humble beginnings to big horizons

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve expanded across the world. Just like our Marketplace, our international team has grown to support the wants and needs of pretty much any business, globally.

And when they’re not matchmaking companies with their required network services, or keeping in touch with the industry, they’re usually hiking, fishing, or just generally being “outdoorsy”.


We’re making yesterday’s problems history

Cloudscene is dedicated to creating a solution for network buyers and service providers. We’ve purpose-built our digital procurement platform to simplify sourcing and selling for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Because no matter how big or small you are, nobody wants to have to put up with yesterday’s problems of lengthy phone calls, back-and-forth emails, and mountains of paperwork, just to get their job done.

We're for breaking down the barriers to procurement and empowering businesses, just like yours, to connect.

People of Cloudscene

When it comes to recognizing the work that’s done here at Cloudscene, it’s ultimately the people behind the scenes who make it happen.

Bevan Slattery, Founder

Starting off as nothing more than an idea and a single Excel spreadsheet, Cloudscene was the brainchild of the one and only, Bevan Slattery. His passion and expertise within the IT space, combined with his vision for the future of network procurement, saw the genesis of our company back in 2016, which has flourished since the early days of manual data compilation and only a handful of trusting employees.

Belle Lajoie, CEO

Belle stepped into her current role as CEO back in April of 2019, she’s done an incredible amount of work in the way of transforming Cloudscene as a business, and cultivating our rich team culture that thrives today. It’s her years of diverse experience and her drive which encourages everyone to keep stepping up their game, Belle inspires all of us here at Cloudscene.

Executive Team

Christian Sprenger
Product Lead
Brenda Waterhouse
Global Head of Engagement
Michael Greer
Head of Platform & Software

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