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Cloudscene Reveals the 2017 Global Top Ten Colocation Ecosystems


BRISBANE, Australia, 9 February 2017 - Cloudscene, the world's largest directory of colocation data centers, cloud service providers and network fabrics has today revealed its rankings for the 2017 Global Top Ten Colocation Ecosystems.With more than 5,400 data centers and 4,500+ service providers listed across 110 countries, Cloudscene provides independent and comprehensive insight into colocation data center markets worldwide.Serial tech entrepreneur and Cloudscene’s founder, Bevan Slattery said: “We decided to dive head first into Cloudscene’s market data to uncover the standout regions when it comes to data center density and connectivity.“The United States is by far the largest data center market in the world, so it was no surprise that five of its cities made the list. However, it was Europe that dominated the top three spots and Sydney made an appearance at number eight thanks to Australia’s considerable growth over the last three years.”Cloudscene’s 2017 Global Top Ten Colocation Ecosystems are ranked based on a combined data center density and connectivity rating. Specifically, the total number of colocation facilities and the total number of Points of Presence (PoPs) across all colocation data centers within each respective market are combined to generate an overall score.The 2017 Global Top 10 Colocation Ecosystems are as follows:

  1. London
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Frankfurt
  4. Washington DC Area
  5. Paris
  6. Bay Area
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Sydney
  9. Dallas
  10. Chicago

The data used to develop the rankings is derived from Cloudscene's directory and based on figures as at 31 January 2017. The information published on Cloudscene is a combination of public data entered by the company's Data Analysis Team and data submitted by the service providers and data center operators themselves.The figures for the 2017 Global Top 10 Colocation Ecosystems are detailed below: Cloudscene Ecosystem RankingMarketTotal PoPs Total Data CentersCloudscene Ecosystem Score1London1,6491521,8012Amsterdam1,287781,3653Frankfurt1,027891,1164Washington DC Area9321151,0475Paris928911,0196Bay Area7341048387Los Angeles752848368Sydney723567799Dallas57810768510Chicago56983652NB. Data on all Cloudscene's markets available hereThe dominant global players in the data center sector are arguably Equinix, Digital Realty, Global Switch, CenturyLink, NTT, AT&T and Verizon. However, just Equinix, Digital Realty and Verizon operate in all ten of Cloudscene’s 2017 Global Top 10 Colocation Ecosystems; with the remaining providers each operating data centers in at least half of the ranked markets.“We expect there will be some movement in next year’s ecosystem rankings as the Asia Pacific market continues to be the fastest growing region for the data center industry. So it’s likely that we’ll see more APAC cities make their way to a top ten spot,” said Bevan Slattery.



Cloudscene:Cloudscene is the world's largest directory of colocation data centers, cloud service providers and network fabrics. Established by serial tech entrepreneur, Bevan Slattery, Cloudscene helps in the selection of colocation, IaaS, cloud and internet service providers www.cloudscene.comMedia Contact:Renée Harper+617 3193

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