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Announced: H1, 2020 Data Center Ecosystem Leaderboard Results


BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, 16 July, 2020 – Cloudscene, the world’s leading industry marketplace and market intelligence platform has today released the results of its H1, 2020 data center ecosystem leaderboard which ranks data center operators based on their ecosystem of data centers, service providers, network fabrics, and cloud on-ramps across four major regions: North America, EMEA, Asia, and Oceania.Across the board, major service providers have solidified their positioning as key players in the industry with Equinix at number one in North America, Asia, and Oceania.Digital Realty took out the top spot in EMEA, having recently expanded its platform and connected ecosystem with the acquisition of leading European provider, Interxion. Equinix followed in second place in EMEA, with CenturyLink taking out third place.The results across North America saw Digital Realty positioned in second place with CoreSite coming third. While in Asia, NTT Communications and SUNeVision made their way into second and third place, and in Oceania, we saw NEXTDC and Vocus following the top position.“We work hand-in-hand with service providers across the Cloudscene platform to provide deep insights into the state of the industry,” said Belle Lajoie, CEO, Cloudscene.“This is one of the many ways in which we support the buyers and sellers of network services to bridge their information gap on local markets, access the most recent critical data on global service providers and offerings, and ultimately, make stronger decisions for their procurement and business strategies,” said Lajoie.Cloudscene has updated its ranking methodology for H1, 2020 from previous years to account for a wider range of data points to make up the final leaderboard results. New criteria have guided the data analysis which is indicative of the period between January 2020 and June 2020 and covers four regions: North America, EMEA, Asia, and Oceania. Data was sourced from service providers and data center operators during this time and collated based on the following categories which were each assigned a weight based on relative importance for understanding data center ecosystems across the industry: - Total data center footprint (20%)- Service provider ecosystem (30%)- Total network fabric presence (20%)- Total cloud on-ramps (30%)

Based on data published on Cloudscene and collated by provider for each region in the H1, 2020 period.

“We’ve updated our data analysis methodology to more accurately reflect what are considered to be the most valuable data points for providing a comprehensive representation of each region’s data center landscape,” said Belle Lajoie.“This gives us a holistic view of market intelligence by region and considers the critical information that’s sought after by the industry for today’s current climate and beyond,” said Lajoie.

The H1, 2020 Data Center Ecosystem Leaderboard results are as follows:

H1, 2020 Leaderboard top 10_ALL

Below, we take a deep dive into the Leaderboard rankings organized by categories for each region: Data centers (total data center footprint), connectivity (service provider ecosystem across all facilities), network fabrics (total network fabric presence within all facilities), and cloud on-ramps (total cloud on-ramps connected in all facilities).

North America Leaderboard Results

Equinix ranked first for service provider (connectivity), network fabric, and cloud on-ramp presence in North America and ranked fourth for operated data centers, behind CenturyLink, Verizon, and Digital Realty, but has excelled in its market share of cloud on-ramps in the region followed by CoreSite.

H1, 2020 Leaderboard top 10_NAM

EMEA Leaderboard Results

Following the recent acquisition of Interxion, Digital Realty ranked first overall for EMEA and excelled in particular for network fabric and cloud on-ramp presence within the data centers operated within the region. Digital Realty and Equinix take a considerable lead over other operators when it comes to their data center ecosystems, having a much greater share across service providers, network fabrics, and cloud on-ramps in EMEA.

“Looking more closely at the data categories, Digital Realty and Interxion have made a significant impact in EMEA in particular, this half-year, with their facilities ranking highest for both network fabrics and total number of cloud on-ramps. This has solidified their place as the number one data center ecosystem provider for the region,” said Belle Lajoie, CEO Cloudscene.
H1, 2020 Leaderboard top 10_EMEA

Asia Leaderboard Results

Equinix ranked first for service provider (connectivity), network fabric, and cloud on-ramp presence within Asia and has a major market share of operated facilities (data centers) in the region following NTT Communications. NTT and Sify ranked second and third, followed by SUNeVision, for network fabric presence which evidently has a strong focus in Asia.

H1, 2020 Leaderboard top 10_ASIA

Oceania Leaderboard Results

Equinix ranked first for service provider (connectivity), network fabric, and cloud on-ramp presence in Oceania and ranked third for operated facilities (data centers) behind Telstra and Vocus. Equinix has also excelled in its market share of cloud on-ramps in the region followed by NEXTDC, which came second overall with a strong service provider and network fabric presence in Australia.

H1, 2020 Leaderboard top 10_OCEANIA

Cloudscene will release its next Leaderboard rankings in January 2021. Data center operators across all regions are encouraged to update their data on Cloudscene before the 20 December 2020 cut-off in order to be considered for the H2, 2020 Data Center Ecosystem Leaderboard. Reach out to our team here if you need assistance with updating your data on Cloudscene or would like more information on Cloudscene’s Data Center Ecosystem Leaderboard. If you're in need of colocation services, let us know your requirements and we'll reach out to data center operators via Marketplace for quotations.

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