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Cloud On-Ramps Are Coming...

Colocation services continue to dominate data center market revenue (accounting for 62.8% of the industry’s overall revenue in 2016), driving demand for direct connections to the cloud via colocation facilities.

Technology trends such as big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), are also behind the momentum for private cloud access. The core reasons for enterprise customers being increased reliability and speed, improved network performance and reduced bandwidth costs.

Despite the surge in demand however, the ability to find the information needed on direct connections within colocation facilities remained difficult and time-consuming. Looking for private and dedicated network connections has been possible only by directly approaching cloud providers individually to obtain the information, which led to Cloudscene investigating a way to fill the data void.

To be launched in April 2017, Cloudscene is bringing a new data feature to its global directory of data centers, cloud service providers and network fabrics. The Cloud On-Ramps listings on Cloudscene will deliver a detailed look into the major cloud players who have established fast and reliable connections within colocation data centers worldwide.

The major cloud players that will be included in the cloud on-ramps feature are:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Softlayer (IBM)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • VMware
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Rackspace

Between them, there are 221 cloud on-ramps with AWS accounting for 60, Google Cloud offering 39, Oracle Cloud delivering 38, SoftLayer providing 30 and the balance spread across the four remaining providers.

Stay tuned for go-live next month!

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