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Media Release: Cloudscene to accelerate how customers access IBM public cloud with new app

Just launched: Cloudscene to accelerate how businesses connect to the cloud with the Cloud Pathfinder for IBM Cloud appCloudscene, a leading intelligence platform and independent global marketplace, has launched Cloud Pathfinder for IBM Cloud. The app enables customers to efficiently search for, and connect to the nearest cloud on-ramps of the major public cloud providers, including IBM Cloud. As more and more enterprises today are adopting hybrid cloud strategies in order to migrate complex workloads to the public cloud, the Cloud Pathfinder for IBM Cloud app simplifies how enterprises find and procure the resources they need to harness the value of the public cloud.“We’re delighted to have the support of IBM in delivering an application dedicated to streamlining the process of connecting to the IBM public cloud,” said Belle Lajoie, Chief Executive Officer, Cloudscene.Accessible anywhere, anytime, procurement decision makers can enter an address and their preferred CSP, and the app will list which service providers can connect the buyer from the location to the nearest cloud on-ramp. Customers can then shortlist which providers they are interested in, and request quotes to multiple providers within minutes."Enterprises today want easier ways to tap into the public cloud and unlock value from their data, and in order to do this they need simpler solutions for how they maximize network connectivity," said Gabriel Montanti, Network Product Leader, IBM Cloud. "This new app makes it easier for businesses to find the right providers they need within our Direct Link network to help them access and benefit from the services offered via our IBM public cloud. Most importantly, this means less time on managing network compatibilities and more time harnessing the kinds of innovations that will impact their bottom line,” said Montanti.Key features of Cloud Pathfinder for IBM Cloud include the ability to: - Search for the nearest cloud on-ramp from an office building or data center- Choose a destination market and view both cloud partners and those who can provide dedicated connectivity- Search for connectivity to major public cloud providers to enable multi-cloud strategies- Shortlist and request quotes in an entirely digital way“Enterprises are increasingly incorporating more complex cloud strategies like multi-cloud into their IT and business plans to remain competitive within a cloud-first era. We’re empowering these strategies by enabling sales teams and IT professionals with an easy way to find the best connectivity route to IBM public cloud from any on-net building or data center worldwide. For Cloudscene, this contributes to our wider strategic vision to streamline the way the telecommunications industry communicates and transacts,” said Lajoie.Underpinned by Cloudscene, the world's largest market intelligence platform and independent global marketplace for buying and selling cloud and connectivity services, Cloud Pathfinder for IBM Cloud provides the industry with trusted data to enable enterprise cloud strategies. Cloud Pathfinder for IBM Cloud is available today as a free app for IBM Cloud via

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