Cloudscene introduces Procure+, making network sourcing simple.

Sourcing network services is an area fraught with many challenges. From designing requirements to managing the RFQ process, and then dealing with data fragmentation around where service providers are versus what services they can provide, there’s no doubt that procuring what businesses need can be frustrating and time consuming to say the least. 

Fortunately, Cloudscene’s new service, Procure+, is here to change that. Procure+ is a premium procurement service that assists sourcing managers to find the best and most affordable network suppliers, while making considerable efficiency gains in the process. 

Building on Cloudscene’s already strong capability in sourcing network services through their marketplace, this boutique offering was developed by popular demand, as organizations worldwide repeatedly sought to access Cloudscene’s deep technical expertise and extensive supplier relationships, especially when expanding into new regions.

Procure+ helps sourcing managers move from this...

To this...

The benefits of procurement through Procure+

Procure+ enables organizations to access 7,600+ service providers globally without lifting a finger.
The Procure+ team boast a combined total of 40 years of experience in the IT procurement industry, so they can confidently source the best solution from 8,000+ data centers, 500+ cloud on-ramps and all of the leading network fabrics.

Procure+ can help businesses: 

  • Streamline sourcing to one platform, rather than via countless meetings, calls and emails
  • Optimize existing network costs and obtain the best cost for new network acquisition 
  • Accurately and efficiently source vendors that meet specific requirements (for any sized project)comprehensive data on for your requirement 
  • Design a network solution, especially in unknown and international markets 
  • Improve their internal purchasing and supplier governance process. 

Procure+ helps organisations with small or non-existent procurement teams, or those who simply don’t have the capacity to manage the process. 

Businesses can set budget goals, and Cloudscene will provide detailed information on every provider to support their RFQ requirements. 

1). Upload requirements 

The first step for businesses is to upload their requirements, including what type of service they are looking for, their desired market, and also contract terms. 

2.) Market Research

Cloudscene then provides businesses with a list of all service providers that can fulfil their requirements and liaises with them about their project, budget and any additional services they require.

3). Supplier meetings and negotiations 

Here, the Cloudscene team will meet with all potential shortlisted suppliers to ensure they meet the specified requirements and can offer the service at the most attractive price. 

Following initial meetings, Cloudscene will successfully screen suppliers.

Cloudscene manages the process from beginning to end, including communicating with suppliers who intend to bid, have bid, or those who will not bid. 

Please note that Cloudscene is an independent platform, and suppliers do not (and cannot) pay to be included in any given RFQ shortlist. For this reason, businesses can rest assured that they will always be shown a shortlist of suppliers who best meet their requirements. 

4). Bid Report

The end result of Cloudscene’s process is a comprehensive report that details selected vendors and costs. For transparency, Cloudscene also indicates the savings they have secured and any other value-adds.

Ready to transform the way your organization procures network services? Secure the best solution for your network projects and increase efficiency and transparency with Procure+. Get in touch with our Cloudscene Engagement team to start saving time and money.

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