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Cloudscene Launches Slack Integration and Promoted Profile Feature to Accelerate Lead Acquisition for Network Service Providers

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, 27 August 2021 – Cloudscene, the world’s leading B2B marketplace platform for connectivity has today launched its integration with business communication platform Slack, and its own Promoted Profile feature, to enable network, data center, and cloud service providers with greater access to qualified leads.

Cloudscene is the connectivity industry’s source for lead generation and market intelligence working closely with more than 8000 service providers to connect them with informed buyers through its Discover and Marketplace platforms.  

Service providers on Cloudscene receive, respond to, and manage qualified leads across a centralized and digitized sales pipeline and can access additional opportunities through advertising, promotion, and bidding on Marketplace listings.

“As service providers continue to make valuable connections, and expand their sales opportunities on Cloudscene, we’ve experienced a significant demand for organizations to gain even greater exposure to buyers. In response, we’ve released new features for network, data center, and cloud providers to get set up for success, showcase their services, and drive more leads into their pipelines on our global platform,” said Belle Lajoie, CEO, Cloudscene.

As part of its strategy to expand and enhance lead acquisition tools for sales teams across its holistic platform, Cloudscene has enabled two new features: 

Promoted Profile Feature

  • Service providers on Cloudscene can now upgrade their company profile to ‘Promoted’ status giving them additional capabilities for positioning their organization on the Discover platform.
  • Enhanced ‘Promoted Profile’ features include search priority, ad-free pages, customizable profile aspects, and profile analytics; all designed to help service providers increase their chances of being found by prospective customers.

Slack Integration

  • Cloudscene’s application is now available as a Workspace integration on business communication platform, Slack, which enables sales teams to receive real-time notifications when buyers publish new listings on its Marketplace. 
  • The integration gives service providers on Cloudscene a new source of qualified leads and a digitized way to gain greater visibility over and access to more industry opportunities.
  • Organizations that have Cloudscene’s application added to their Slack Workspace now have the capability to close deals and fulfil customer requirements faster due to the interoperability between software platforms.

The ways in which businesses source and buy network, data center, and cloud services have evolved into a digitized process, driving the need for sales teams to meet this change head-on by embracing new opportunities and tools to fulfil customers’ requirements.

“We’re always looking to integrate with new applications and software to stay at the forefront of technical innovation to enable faster and easier connections between buyers and sellers, and align with how sales teams now prefer to work,” said Lajoie.

About Cloudscene

Cloudscene is a leading marketplace platform for connectivity and telecommunications services. Built on a foundation of invaluable market data sourced by the industry, Cloudscene is backed by the world’s most comprehensive market intelligence database and has become the go-to resource for global, independent knowledge across 8,000+ service providers, 8,000+ data centers, and 110 countries. Cloudscene Marketplace brings together the sourcing and selling of network services empowering teams to make data-driven decisions in an entirely digital and automated way. 

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