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New Feature Released: Cloudscene Marketplace Match

Procuring the most effective network services for your business starts with building connections with the right service providers to suit your requirements. Often, this is easier said than done. Whether you’re on the lookout for updated pricing on existing services, you’re scaling to new markets and have few contacts, or you’re just starting up and don’t know where to begin, finding the most relevant vendors in the ideal locations can be challenging. 

Marketplace Match is now live

Cloudscene’s mission is to make sourcing network services easier, faster, and more data-driven than ever – so buyers spend less time, energy, and budget on the typically manual procurement process and service providers get connected with active network buyers to help fulfil their requirements. 

Introducing Marketplace Match, a new feature on Cloudscene Marketplace, that uses the most comprehensive industry data to match-make buyers and sellers on Cloudscene. By creating smart connections that are automated based on a buyer’s chosen data center locations, markets, and service criteria, Marketplace Match enables procurement teams with almost instant access to vendors that best fit their use case. 

How does Cloudscene Marketplace Match work?

As a network buyer, it’s easy to get started – in fact, Marketplace Match is designed to do the work for you. Here’s how you can begin building smart connections with service providers on Cloudscene:

Step 1.

Go to Cloudscene Marketplace and sign in (not yet part of the Cloudscene community? Create a free account here). Start creating a Marketplace listing for your network requirements.

Service requirements
Marketplace Match Add Services

Step 2.

As you enter your requirements, Cloudscene’s comprehensive industry data gives you visibility over your ideal service providers, based on the addresses, data centers, and markets you’ve selected.

Screenshot of the pop out for users to edit Service Providers within Cloudscene Marketplace Listing creation page
Example of Marketplace Match list of service providers

Step 3.

Marketplace Match’s service indicator will show who’s confirmed that they’re available to provide connectivity between your desired location. Or, you can simply invite an on-net or near-net service provider displayed to give more info around their availability so you can make an informed choice.

Screenshot of the process to invite Service Providers to a Cloudscene Marketplace Listing

Get started with Marketplace Match today, or browse Cloudscene’s leading industry data which underpins the Marketplace listing process. If you want more info about new features on Cloudscene or need help at any time, feel free to contact our friendly team

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