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Cloudscene Product Update - Alerts, Marketplace, Corporate Teams & Notification Controls

Cloudscene has grown significantly since our launch in 2016. There are now an average of 5,000 people searching Cloudscene every week - that's a lot of data-hungry mouths to feed!

To keep up, we've been working hard to make changes to improve your user experience. Our latest product enhancements include an improved alerts capability, Marketplace tracking and private listings, corporate team role changes and user notification controls. See the full update below.

Alerts Just Got EasierWhether it's a particular data center, service provider, market, cloud on-ramp or network fabric, it's possible to be notified if there are changes to any profiles of interest on Cloudscene.

And now, we've simplified the alerts functionality making it even easier to add and manage. Simply select the "Get Alerts" button on any profile to receive an email notification whenever changes are published (max of one email per day).

You can also pause and remove the alerts at any time via My Alerts in your profile. Give it a go now and add the United States market to your alerts!

US Alerts New

Track Your Marketplace ResponsesWhether you're an active buyer or seller on Cloudscene's Marketplace, it's now possible to keep track of your responses to listings via My Marketplace. This conveniently includes the message detail and contact information, even for expired listings.

Private Quotes via MarketplaceIf you're looking for connectivity services, now is a great time to create a Buyer's Listing on Cloudscene's Marketplace. We've recently given users the ability to make their listings private and invite handpicked service providers to respond with quotations. Create a Buyer's Listing now.

Corporate Team RevampAccess changes have been made to corporate teams on Cloudscene. Administrators now have full control over who, within their corporate team, can edit the company's data on Cloudscene and whether notifications/alerts are sent. The changes will ensure the right people are in control of the company's data and that team members only get the information that's necessary.

This means there are now three roles for corporate teams:

  1. Administrator - Full access rights to edit company data and manage team members. Receives all company notifications
  2. Contributor - Full access rights to edit company data. Can receive approved company notifications if approved by the Administrator
  3. Member - View only ie not able to edit company data. Can receive approved company notifications if approved by Administrator.

Administrators can edit the roles for all team members easily via the Team tab in the company account. Furthermore, Administrators can now add regions and company alerts to team members, ensuring that notifications are relevant to each employee.

Control Your NotificationsYou're in control of the updates you receive from us. For example, if you're not keen on our occasional newsletters but do want Marketplace Alerts, then you can reflect this in your profile via Account Settings.

Notifications on Cloudscene

If you have any questions about the above or if you're in need of any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us via our support page or email

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