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Market Highlight: Colocation Data Centers in Sydney

Finding colocation data centres has been a lengthy and unreliable process for enterprise IT professionals for some time.If one were to search for a data centre in Sydney it used to require scouring countless provider/operator sites individually to gain so much as an address, let alone technical specifications.At Cloudscene, we liken this to the days where tenants or prospective home owners were required to do the same when renting/buying a home. This is of course before the likes of or’s free cloud directory is shaking things up and providing comprehensive data on colocation data centres, cloud service providers and interconnected fabrics around the globe.If you’re looking for a data centre in Sydney, Australia for example, Cloudscene can find it. If you’re looking for rankings of data centres or service providers in Sydney, Australia, Cloudscene can deliver it.Did you know there are 56 colocation data centres in Sydney and a total of 211 colocation data centres in Australia?


The Top 5 Data Centres in Sydney are:1. SY3 - Equinix2. SY1 - Equinix3. SY2 - Equinix4. Sydney West - Global Switch5. S1 - Next DCTo find out more, simply use our top 10 rankings page and search for Sydney to view the top data centres. Or visit the market page for a full list of data centres in Sydney

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