Choosing A Colocation Data Center - New Comparison Tool

Drawing clear comparisons between data centers has never been an easy task. Cloudscene itself was born out of frustration due to the lack of credible and accessible information on colocation data centers across the globe (see our launch press release to read more about our back story).Since then, Cloudscene's directory has been helping thousands of enterprise IT professionals make critical business decisions regarding colocation and the cloud every week. In particular, our top ten rankings have proven immensely popular for users who wish to weigh up data centers and service providers in any given market.Today we can announce that we've ramped things up and delivered an even easier way to instantly evaluate data centers with a new comparison tool.Available to all users (when logged in), the feature is available from any data center listing page simply by selecting the "Compare" icon in the top right corner of the listing (yes, that's across all 5,500+ of our colocation data centers!):

Compare Data Centers

Once you've been directed to the compare page, select the second data center you wish to compare and all the Cloudscene data available for the selected facilities will be displayed side-by-side:

Select a data center

The information will be populated instantly, from rankings to operator and market intel, through to technical specs, certifications, listed service providers and more. You can change the data centers at any time from this page simply by clicking "Select Data Center".

Not sure where to start? Take a look at the comparison between two randomly selected Equinix and NextDC data centers to familiarize yourself with the feature. Don't forget, you need to be a user (sign up for free) and be logged in to access the compare tool. If you're interested in what other features we've gone live with in 2017, check out our recent product update.

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