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Data Center Certification Standards

Today’s data centers are subject to more rigorous compliance standards than ever before.Expectations from customers regarding uptime, environmental impact, quality, operations, security and safety are encouraging best practices from colocation providers and operators.Certifications such as ISO, Uptime, Leed and SSAE16 are just some of the standards proving of significant importance to those in the market for colocation data centers.In particular, Uptime Institute’s Tier Classification System for data centers is now considered the global standard for third-party validation of data center critical infrastructure. Uptime Institute alone boasts that it has awarded 800+ certifications across 80 countries as detailed in the map below.


To help differentiate data centers on Cloudscene, service providers and data center operators can publish certifications for the following regulatory and standards organisations:- Uptime Institute- SSAE16- ISO- Leed- NABERS- US EPA- PCI- Open-IX- OHSAS- ISAE- HIPAA- EU Commission- DataCenter Star Audit- BCA-IDA- ANSI/TIATake a look at some of the data centers that have recently updated their profiles on Cloudscene to also include certifications:- Webair- Jaguar- NextDC- TTC- Centron


Service providers and data center operators can ‘claim’ their Cloudscene listings in a matter of clicks. Owning a profile on Cloudscene allows the organisation to self-manage the published information and add important data such as certifications! For any support, please reach out to us via or visit our support page

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