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Digital Realty Tops Cloudscene’s Fast 50 Most Resilient Data Center Operators Worldwide


Over 150 global data center operators have been analyzed against certification data available from Uptime Institute to determine the Fast 50 Most Resilient Data Center Operators for 2017.BRISBANE, Australia, 29th November 2017 - Cloudscene, the world's largest directory of colocation data centers, cloud service providers and network fabrics, has revealed 2017’s Most Resilient Data Center Operators in its latest Fast 50 announcement.Cloudscene analyzed the resilience of 150 global data center operators against Tier certification data available through Uptime Institute, specifically in the areas of Design, Constructed Facility and Operational Sustainability, to shortlist the top 50 service providers applying Cloudscene’s own weighted formula.Using this methodology, Digital Realty secured the number one position with a small lead ahead of second-placed Cyxtera. ViaWest, Metronode and Telefonica secured the third, fourth and fifth positions respectively.“We are very pleased to have been recognized for the results we have achieved with regard to ensuring uptime for our customers,” said Danny Lane, senior vice president of global operations at Digital Realty.“Resiliency is at the core of our business, and reflects the superiority of the locations we select and the data centers we construct. Most importantly, however, it depends on the people we bring in to ensure high quality of the design, maintenance and ongoing improvement of the facilities and their operations.”Serial tech entrepreneur and Cloudscene’s founder, Bevan Slattery said: “In the data center industry, ensuring your services can continue in spite of environmental or human turbulence is not only of critical importance, it’s market expectation.“At the point of downtime, irreversible damage has often been done, not only to a company’s brand but to its bottom line. In such a competitive industry, this isn’t something anyone would want to risk.”A 2016 report by the Ponemon Institute revealed the true cost of unplanned downtime as an average of US $740,357 per outage or up to US $9,000 a minute.“Uptime Institute’s Tier Certification has proven to be a critical step for owners and operators to deliver IT services over a wide range of operating conditions, and at a level which meets the needs of the business itself,” said John Duffin, Managing Director, South Asia, Uptime Institute.Mr Duffin added, “The Tier Certification process assures that data center facilities have been designed for the needed level of resilience, that those facilities have been constructed in a manner that matches the resilient design, and that the completed structures are operated in a consistent, efficient and resilient fashion.”Cloudscene’s independent and quantitative selection process involved applying a weighting to each verified Uptime Certification – Design, Constructed Facility and Operational Sustainability – which was also scored incrementally higher based on whether the certification awarded was Tier I, II, III or IV.“Saying you’re resilient, or the market perceiving you are, is one thing, but having the data to back this up is another. Data center operators need to prioritize resiliency now,” said Mr Slattery.The top ten companies in 2017’s Fast 50 Most Resilient Data Center Operators are:

  1. Digital Realty
  2. Cyxtera
  3. ViaWest
  4. Metronode
  5. Telefonica
  6. Ascenty
  8. Equinix
  9. Fujitsu
  10. KioNetworks

For the complete list of Cloudscene’s Fast 50 Most Resilient Data Center Operators for 2017, see the announcement via our blog.


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