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We’ve launched a new Cloudscene Marketplace experience with enhanced features and functionality for buyers and sellers to manage procurement and sales activities in a faster, easier, and data-driven way. 

When it comes to sourcing and selling network services, there are a few critical factors for businesses operating in today’s digital economy to consider. They include connecting with the right people and opportunities in key markets, and the ability to unlock new contacts as you scale, as well as ensuring teams have shared visibility across projects with an efficient, organized, and manageable way to track activities and spend. 

Access to all of the above starts with Cloudscene Marketplace, where organizations create smart connections with our global network of buyers and sellers – and manage procurement projects and sales from start to finish, in one place.

This week, we released a new user experience on Cloudscene Marketplace to continue our commitment towards improving the network sourcing and selling experience. Our upgraded platform now features new management functionality, team collaboration tools, and improved communication capabilities between buyers and sellers. Read on to discover more.

What’s new on Cloudscene Marketplace?

Let’s get into some of the major benefits and key features now available from our latest product release:

Simplify sourcing and selling

Plug into the right providers and connect with new opportunities through improved capabilities for creating and responding to Marketplace listings, and more intuitive ways to communicate between buyers and sellers to fulfil service requirements. See what's new below.

For buyers: Support your requirements with attachments, specify countries for services needed, and shortlist, select, and decline vendors to help you manage your bid selection process in an entirely digital way.

For sellers: Communicate with buyers by indicating your intent to bid on an opportunity or providing a ‘No Bid’ response at the click of a button. Submit partial bids where you can fulfil some of the services the buyer requires.

Power productivity

Access new ways to control, manage, and track your sourcing and selling activities from start to finish. Consolidate and streamline your progress within your Cloudscene account. Check out the upgraded functionality below.

For buyers: Track the stages of each listing (Listings/Completed), as well as their statuses (Pending/Active/Review/Complete) and service provider bid (Invited/Shortlisted/Successful/Unsuccessful) in My Marketplace.

For sellers: Track the stages of each opportunity (Opportunities/Pending Buyer Decision/Complete), and the statuses of all of your listing responses and bids (Opportunity/Bid submitted/No bid/No response) in My Marketplace.

Make the dream work

Work better together with dedicated roles and responsibilities across your company team. Share knowledge and deliver greater visibility throughout your business with new team collaboration permissions – and access new features to drive action for your business, together. See the key new capabilities below.

For buyers: All new users on Cloudscene will be part of a company team which means you may gain more colleagues joining your team to collaborate with you on sourcing activities. With Procurement Management permissions turned on, you can now share your listings (and have visibility over your colleague’s projects) with company team members, including all bids received.

For sellers: Anyone on your team with Sales Management permissions turned on will be able to see all listings that their company team members have been invited to, intended to bid on, provided a ‘No Bid’ response for, or submitted a bid for. With certain permissions, you can assign listings to other team members to provide responses on behalf of your company.

You can see the full list and dive deeper into the new features and functionality on Cloudscene Marketplace here.

For more details of new roles and permissions on Cloudscene, visit our support article.

Want to experience the new Marketplace? Log in or sign up free to start sourcing and selling. If you need a hand with using our platform, feel free to reach out to us here – our team is happy to help.

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