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Finding your Pathway to the Cloud

The enterprise cloud market has skyrocketed again this year. Businesses are spending more on cloud resources as they undertake increasingly more cloud-focussed IT strategies. In fact, $150 billion was spent on cloud infrastructure and services in the first half of 2019, according to Synergy Research Group. No longer an unconventional strategy, cloud implementation has become the mainstream business approach for the enterprise. Everyday operations are now powered by cloud technologies and applications – and, when it comes to innovation and future-proofing, cloud plays a huge part in many organizations’ plans. Complex cloud strategies are emergingMany organizations are looking to hybrid and multi-cloud approaches to fuel their innovation, as they reach for the right combination of private and public cloud platforms, the security of on-premises environments, and the best-of-breed public cloud services and applications. Building out resilient and redundant network architectures is also top of mind for many IT decision-makers as cloud starts to form the backbone of their technology stack. Complex redundancy strategies are especially important for organizations in sectors like finance and healthcare whereby they’re dealing with sensitive data and there’s not much room for technical error.The challenge of choosing cloud resourcesWhatever their optimal cloud topology, it’s clear that cloud resources need to be easily and quickly within reach of the enterprise. There needs to be a clear pathway to the cloud. When an organization has the demand for multiple dispersed services, applications, and providers, managing the procurement process can become a difficult task. How do you know where the closest cloud on-ramps are to your premises, which cloud providers have nodes in which data centers, and which connectivity providers can get you there? For a cloud journey to be successful, it’s critical to have the information available to identify, analyze, and compare cloud resources and make the right choices. Cloud Pathfinder empowers the enterprise cloud journeyTo support users on their cloud journeys, Cloudscene has developed Cloud Pathfinder, a world-class enterprise tool for searching and connecting with global cloud partners. The app streamlines the process of finding relevant cloud on-ramps and on-net buildings, exploring service options, and requesting quotes from providers. Users can access the best possible pathways from their business to AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and VMware.Cloud Pathfinder is encouraging cloud adoption by enabling enterprises to make more informed decisions about their cloud infrastructure and connectivity so they can ultimately drive performance and return on investment. The app is backed by the world’s most comprehensive colocation, cloud, and connectivity data resource with accurate information on over 6,500+ service providers, and is currently being utilized by major global cloud providers, such as Google, as a customer enablement tool. Here’s how it works:

  • Search → Simply enter the location you wish to connect from and your preferred cloud provider to generate a list of service providers that can fulfil the connection in your desired markets.
  • Shortlist → Choose the providers you’re interested in talking to and complete the quote request form. Following a short approval by the Cloudscene team, service providers will receive your request via email and respond directly.
  • Receive quotes → You will receive quotes directly via the email address you provided in Cloud Pathfinder. You can also invite additional service providers to respond to your quote request.

To empower your company’s cloud journey with the world’s most comprehensive cloud and connectivity data, and request quotes directly from service providers, get started with Cloud Pathfinder.– –Be found on CloudsceneAre you a data center operator, service provider, or network fabric and you’re not seeing your company in Cloud Pathfinder’s results? Cloudscene is the trusted resource for procurement teams, enterprise buyers and marketing and sales teams within the telecommunications sector. You can ensure your data is reflected on Cloud Pathfinder and Cloudscene’s directory by contacting the Cloudscene team.

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