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Focus on Teams: How to Work Better Together on Cloudscene

Whether you’re part of an organization that’s actively sourcing network services, you’re a salesperson working for a service provider who’s supporting the enterprise, or anyone in between, working efficiently with your team on Cloudscene Marketplace is a simple way to fast-track your business goals. 

Let us guide you through how you can transform the way your team works when it comes to buying, selling, and researching network services with a centralized and digitized platform that’s purpose-built for streamlining processes, and getting the job done. 

Before you begin

You must be signed up for a free Cloudscene account to be placed on your team, or be prompted to create your team from scratch if they’re not already on the platform. From there, when you’re logged in, you should see your team within your account. If you need a hand with signing up or joining an existing team, reach out to us, we’re happy to help.

Invite colleagues to your team

The more team members working collaboratively on Cloudscene, the better for your organization. We strongly suggest taking a look at your current teammates on Cloudscene and thinking about who else might be a great asset to achieving your goals. Inviting your colleagues to your team on Cloudscene is the first step to getting them on board.

Invite your teammates in three simple steps:

1. Make sure you’re logged in to your Cloudscene account

2. Click here to invite your teammates

3. Fill out your colleague’s details (including your preferred permissions) 
and submit. Your teammate will then receive an invitation to create a free account and will be automatically added to your team!

Now you’re all set up with your dream team in play, let’s guide you through how and why you can make the most out of Cloudscene by collaborating with your teammates.

Unlock efficiency when sourcing and selling services

Get more done in less time by sharing the workload. For procurement, a whole team working together means your organization can easily create and manage multiple listings at once, have different employees go through the shortlisting process for incoming quotes, and ultimately, get your required network services fulfilled quicker. If you’re selling services, the same applies; you can respond to buyers and manage multiple opportunities at the same time to support organizations more efficiently with an organized workforce. 

Collaborate easily with the right people on the job

Get the right people on the job by assigning dedicated roles and responsibilities across your team, and assigning tasks accordingly. Procurement teams can assign listings to specific team members to manage from creating to shortlisting and selecting service providers. Service provider teams can give each salesperson the job of responding to inbound requests, managing their assigned buyer listings, and essentially becoming the ‘account manager’ for particular organizations. 

There are tasks for just about everybody on Cloudscene so you may like to create a team consisting of diverse roles. For example, marketing professionals might be assigned the task of ensuring your company’s Cloudscene profile and data is up to date to ensure Cloudscene’s match-making process between buyers and sellers is fuelled by accurate information, or an executive might be just the person you need to oversee activities and spend.

Share knowledge and keep track of activities

With an efficient team on Cloudscene, you can bridge the information gap when sourcing and selling network services, get the full picture of your company’s procurement and sales and activities, and keep track of everything in one place.

You can keep on top of progress for your team’s listings and opportunities by tracking the status bar on the right-hand side of each within ‘My Marketplace’ on Cloudscene, whether you’re buying or selling. For example, check when a listing is ‘pending’ being published or when a team member has indicated they ‘intend to bid’.

We encourage you to work with your team to ensure all teammates are responding to buyers and/or sellers across the platform where required – so listings and opportunities are being ‘marked’ as they go – for example, letting a buyer know you’re providing a ‘no bid’ response for their listing. Marketplace works best when buyers and sellers are transparent with one another.

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Want to learn more about how to optimize your team on Cloudscene to make the most of Marketplace? Get in touch with our team or visit our support page; we’re happy to help.

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