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Global Data Center Openings Round-up: Oracle, Facebook, Alibaba Cloud, Inwi

2019 is in full swing, with several prominent and emerging players opening data centers throughout the globe boasting advanced networking facilities, robust infrastructures, renewable technologies, and secured data management systems.

Oracle’s next-generation cloud center opens in Toronto

Oracle launched its newest data center in Toronto on January 17 – the first next-generation cloud facility in the country. Boasting Gen2 Technology, the facility provides its enterprise and government customers with simple, predictable pricing mechanisms, and the tools and expertise for risk-free cloud operations.

With the 2018 implementation of the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the new facility addresses the new rigor demanded in data privacy and sovereignty.

The Toronto data center will support demand for Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure, allowing companies to run traditional and cloud-native workloads on the same platform, along with new services in security, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Facebook opens newest data center in New Mexico

In Los Lunas, New Mexico, the first phase of Facebook’s newest 980,000 square foot data center opened on February 7. This LEED 4.0 Gold-certified Facebook project comprises a six-building campus over 2.8 million square feet with solar-powered facilities to reduce its carbon footprint in nearby communities.

The billion-dollar project features indirect evaporative cooling systems that emphasize efficiency, while still protecting servers from New Mexico’s frequent dust storms. The data center will be powered entirely by solar and wind energy.

Alibaba Cloud increases capacity with APAC data center investment

Chinese cloud-computing vendor, Alibaba Cloud, has added two new data centers to its Asia Pacific operations.

On January 9, Alibaba Cloud launched its second data center in Jakarta, Indonesia – doubling its local capacity and continuing their commitment to Indonesia’s 2020 Go Digital Vision.

These capabilities include ‘MaxCompute’, the mass data platform that allows users to store and process massive amounts of structural data to levels as high as a petabyte, bringing sophisticated data processing, analytics and machine learning to Indonesian businesses.

Alibaba also opened its second data center in Tokyo, Japan on January 29, in response to the increasing demand for data analytics systems and AI technologies.

Alibaba Cloud Japan features a 25G network infrastructure and a P100 card GPU-based GN5 instance designed to support optimum processing of graphics for machine learning.

Largest data center in Morocco goes live

Inwi, a Moroccan telecommunications company, opened its largest data center in Rabat Technopolis on January 15. This 1,000 square meter, Tier III-certified data center carries redundant facilities for power transmission and cooling systems, and networking.

The data center is compliant to international standards on security, connectivity, and efficiency, providing customized public cloud computing and reliable data hosting solutions – marking its reputation as a sovereign cloud where 100% of the data is hosted in the country, on an identified and fully secure site.

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