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Connecting Your Business Across Borders: A Global Digital Gateway to ASEAN with ACASIA’s Suzanna Mohd Janis & Syahrir Nizam Jalis

Expected to grow at a 13.0% CAGR to reach $150.38 billion by 2021, the global wireless connectivity technology market is on a staggering upwards trajectory, particularly as businesses seek to connect and communicate in all-new ways.

A developing region in terms of digital transformation, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is experiencing a major uptake in connectivity, from Internet usage to cloud computing.

With the help of the ASEAN’s ICT solutions provider, ACASIA Communications, a global gateway is opening up for digital connectivity within the ASEAN region and, with it, exciting opportunities for global business are emerging.

To find out how this gateway is enabling cross-border connectivity for businesses, we caught up with ACASIA’s Director of Strategy, Suzanna Binti Mohd Janis, and Chief Commercial Officer, Syahrir Nizam Bin Jalis, to tell us more.

Digital technology enabling cross-border connectivity

ACASIA Regional Connectivity (aRC) is a series of secure connectivity solutions being used to bridge the gap between global businesses and the ASEAN region.

Based on MPLS technology, this private network operates behind public networks and traffic in order to deliver data via the shortest possible route, and to control the flow of network traffic.

According to ACASIA’s CCO, Syahrir Nizam Jalis, aRC utilizes terrestrial and submarine cables as its core connectivity (Layer 1), integrated with the MPLS technology that enables data to be transferred via services including International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC), Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IPVPN), and Global Ethernet.

Through this ecosystem and with their own points-of-presence in most ASEAN countries, ACASIA acts as a single point of contact for all connectivity services within ASEAN, giving power to businesses across the globe who are looking to tap into the Southeast Asian region. ACASIA is continually expanding its network footprint and reach across the globe with support of its shareholders.

Empowering businesses to connect, scale, and save

In this digital era, connectivity is a must-have for any business wanting to scale their operations, advance their offering or cut down on costs.

“With a plethora of connectivity solutions, businesses are no longer grounded to just a single locality,” says Suzanna Mohd Janis, Director of Strategy, ACASIA. 

“As they expand, businesses require a secure, stable, and dedicated network between their branches,” Mohd Janis says, which may span across a country, or even to different continents - including Asia.

Growing businesses can take advantage of aRC’s rapidly advancing connectivity solutions, such as SD-WAN which can be installed in an organization’s headquarters and connected to global branches, all in a way that is secure and cost-effective. 

Globally dispersed employees, partners, and branch offices can also connect with each other using premium solutions such as IPVPN, which runs on an OSI Layer 3 network service over MPLS.

“ICT tools can facilitate other cross-border data transactions, too,” Mohd Janis says, which are also bolstering connectivity across ASEAN and the world. 

E-commerce, e-payments and online video communication through platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom are just a few ways businesses are utilizing the latest digital technology to connect on a global scale, which are causing a rise in new digital marketplaces and advanced means of communication.

“Ultimately, by providing robust connectivity solutions and having our own points-of-presence (PoPs) in selected ASEAN countries, ACASIA has the ability to manage their clients’ requirements, now becoming the single point of contact for global digital support across ASEAN,” says Mohd Janis. 

“Businesses are treating ACASIA as an extension of their own IT teams to ensure uninterrupted and effective communications, empowering them to connect in ways they have never done before,” she says.

“In addition, with expansion through our shareholders’ global PoPs, we are able to connect businesses globally."

Supporting a connected digital future

Inevitably, global connectivity usage is on a steep upwards trajectory, and there has been no sign of slowing down.

“Covid-19 will continue to propel the growth of connectivity as well as cloud computing,” Mohd Janis believes, “while demand in the ASEAN region due to business expansions will further enhance its importance in terms of continuity.”

Mohd Janis says that as more and more solutions providers join the connectivity bandwagon, healthy competition will also drive prices down, making these services affordable to all levels of business.

It is also believed that the movement of data across borders during the ongoing pandemic is a key issue in terms of cloud computing.

“In supporting this challenge, we at ACASIA believe businesses should continue to innovate themselves and adapt to these technologies, especially pertaining to cloud,” says Syahrir Nizam Bin Jalis.

“On top of our connectivity service which enables businesses and organizations to connect with each other, our robust solution also enables customers to connect with technologies such as Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Cloud Management Platforms, and many more,” Jalis says.

As more businesses start to tap into the power of connectivity across ASEAN, ACASIA is committed to supporting local enterprises with global network requirements, to create a network that is extremely robust, diverse, and attractive to market segments.

Equipped with more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, ACASIA has the capability to manage clients’ requirements by becoming the single point of contact for global support and end-to-end solutions offering.

ACASIA enables businesses and organizations to focus on what they are truly good at, without the hassle of engaging different connectivity solution providers.

And with all these industry efforts, the global gateway into the ASEAN region will surely strengthen, allowing businesses therein to communicate and stay connected quicker, easier, and more securely than ever before.

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Syahrir Nizam Bin Jalis

Syahrir Nizam Bin Jalis, Chief Commercial Officer, ACASIA Communications

Experienced Technologist with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in SDN/NFV, SDWAN, Big Data Analytics, Security and enthusiastic with new emerging Digital business. Transformation expert with long-tracked record.

Suzanna Mohd Janis, Director of Strategy, ACASIA Communications

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