How to engage with your current vendors via Cloudscene

Convenience is the name of the game for Cloudscene users. With this in mind, our team builds features into the Marketplace platform to purposefully make sourcing network services easier and faster. One of the single most useful functions for boosting the efficiency of organizations’ procurement process on Cloudscene Marketplace is the ability to engage with current vendors.

This feature is physically built into the Cloudscene Marketplace application whereby team members can invite not only the vendors they currently work with, but even the key contact within that organization with whom they have an existing relationship.

Connecting with existing service providers on Cloudscene involves a handful of simple steps, and can be achieved in less than a few minutes. But first things first, we’ll explain the benefits of doing so.

How to engage your current vendors via Cloudscene 

Engaging your current vendors via Cloudscene comes with a myriad of benefits, and it’s easy to do, in just a few steps. Here’s how:

Log in or sign up for a free account and join your team on Cloudscene to get started.

  1. Go to Cloudscene Marketplace and begin to create a listing for your network requirements. 
  2. When you come to the ‘Invite Service Providers’ stage of the listing creation, our intuitive Marketplace Match tool will show you the most relevant vendors available to provide your services. Be sure to add your preferred suppliers to the list from these options.
  3. Finally, you can search for your current suppliers easily and check the box to add them to the list of service providers who will be notified to provide a bid for your requirements. 
  4. If you wish to add a specific vendor contact, with whom you already have a relationship, you can do so by clicking ‘Add my contact’ on the right-hand side of the service provider name, confirming their details, and clicking ‘done’. You can even save this person as the default contact for whenever you source from this vendor. Note: Your RFQ will go directly to your chosen contact, privately; if you don’t specify a contact, it will go to the admin of their team on Cloudscene.

From here, you can continue to input your requirements for the listing, publish it either publicly or privately on Marketplace, and await responses from the service providers you invited to bid. 

Demo Showing How To Invite Vendors To Quote on Cloudscene

5 reasons organizations should use Cloudscene to engage with their current network vendors

1. Pricing 

Fundamentally, the remit of the procurement role will - and has always been - to secure the best price on services for your organization. By engaging with your current vendors via Cloudscene, instead of via your typical email chain or phone call, you have a wider opportunity to ensure you’re getting the best deal by comparing suppliers, all of whom meet your requirements, including those you already have a relationship with. This is particularly useful if you have legacy infrastructure and industry pricing may have shifted since you last updated your stack – or you’ve been engaged in a long-term contract with an existing vendor and would like to better understand current market pricing. 

Comparison is key to benchmarking your network pricing. You can compare vendors across various global markets by either creating a new public RFQ or creating a private listing and only inviting competing suppliers to provide a bid on your requirements. If you can’t see your existing vendors in the list, you can invite them to join Cloudscene and quote on your project.  

2. Transparency

When your CPO comes knocking, think about it; Are you legitimately able to provide accurate and comprehensive justification for your network procurement decisions? If you’re not sure, engaging your current vendors via Cloudscene could be a highly valuable option for getting your ducks in a row. Strong governance and compliance practices are critical at every stage of the procurement journey, and should be so much easier than existing processes. 

With Cloudscene’s fast and data-rich listing tool, you’re able to input your exact requirements and invite your current supplier to bid. As such, you’ll have a full, secure, and easily accessible record of your entire sourcing, bidding, shortlisting, and selection process, along with any additional relevant and detailed information to ensure transparency over comparison and pricing from start to finish.

3. Accuracy 

Are you signing off critical network services via convoluted threads of multiple emails that you later can’t find? Using Cloudscene to engage your current vendors means you’ll always have a clear, accessible, and accurate record of who you engaged with, details the entire journey from initial outreach to sign-off, and when those steps were taken.

Your Cloudscene account acts as a centralized repository for network procurement. Your team’s communication and activities can all be tracked and managed easily on Marketplace so you never have to second-guess yourself and spend unnecessary time attempting to clarify your process.

4. Accountability 

Have you ever been offered certain pricing, terms, and conditions for a network service agreement, only to have the individual you spoke to within an organization move on from that particular supplier? On the other hand, has someone in your procurement team ever negotiated a great deal days before they’ve left your company without leaving any comprehensive record of what went down?

Working with your current vendors via Cloudscene can help solve either one these problems, as you have the ability to assign specific contacts and accountabilities for Marketplace activities both within your own team and from a supplier perspective. With admin capabilities, you’ll always have visibility over your team’s workflow and have access to shared knowledge within your company’s account.

5. Diversity 

Supplier diversity is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘need to have’ from a corporate social responsibility perspective – and a risk management perspective – especially given the criticality of network services for an organization. By having your current vendors bid on your requirements alongside a varied pool of potential suppliers, via Cloudscene, helps you manage both of these considerations. 

Firstly, on Cloudscence, you’re empowered with a comprehensive overview of each and every relevant service provider for your business in one place so you’re able to report (or ask for) additional diversity information. Secondly, by bridging the information gap of available suppliers, globally and locally, you’re able to make stronger business decisions and better manage risk from a network perspective. 

If you need assistance at any time with engaging with your current vendors on Cloudscene, reach out to our friendly team who are happy to help. 

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