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November has proven to be a big month of notable industry announcements with the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Alibaba Cloud all revealing plans for significant data center growth.Facebook to Expand Fort Worth Data CenterDespite not being online until early 2017, Facebook’s Fort Worth Data Center is already growing with construction on an additional two buildings confirmed. This is expected to push the social media giant’s investment into the Fort Worth region to the $1 billion mark.The original plans included the construction of three buildings totaling 750,000 square feet but this has since expanded to five buildings totaling nearly 2.5 million square feet. All of which is to be powered by 100% renewable energy!LinkedIn Launches its Most Technologically Advanced Data CenterIn a blog post earlier this year, LinkedIn revealed its data centers and infrastructure have grown by 34 percent per annum thanks to the half a billion members that rely on the social media network.In 2016 alone, the organisation has gone live with new data centers in Singapore and Oregon. The Singapore data center was born out of necessity considering the number of LinkedIn members across APAC has doubled over the last two years.The cherry on the cake however has to be their new Oregon data center which LinkedIn states is the most technologically advanced and highly efficient data center in their global portfolio. Also powered by 100% renewable energy, the data center is the first built on Project Altair, its massively scalable, next-generation data center design.Alibaba Cloud to Open Four New Data Centers by End of 2016Off the back of a hugely successful Global Shopping Festival, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud, has excited the market with an announcement of four new data centers to boost its network of data centers to 14.The locations of the new facilities are Dubai, Germany, Australia and Japan which are all expected to go online by end of 2016.The new data centers will support Alibaba Cloud’s growing client base beyond the current 2.3 million mark. The cloud provider certainly proved the extent of its capabilities during the Global Shopping Festival which saw Alibaba Cloud technology support Alibaba’s online marketplaces to facilitate a record-breaking 175,000 transactions per second during peak traffic spikes.To gain further insight on the regions mentioned in this article, check out the market profiles on Cloudscene’s free online cloud directory.

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