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Heading to ITW? Lock in a Meeting with Cloudscene

Each year in May, the telecommunications world descends on the city of Chicago for four days of pressing palms, doing deals and nursing at least one incurable hangover headache.Off the back of an extremely successful visit to the Pacific Telecommunications’ Council (PTC) conference in January, Cloudscene will also be making the journey to the Windy City for International Telecoms Week (ITW).The top of the priority list for both myself and our Founder, Bevan Slattery, will be to communicate our plans for Cloudscene’s independent telco Marketplace.As I hope you are already aware, Cloudscene launched its Marketplace in August of last year to satisfy the demand for a global platform that could bring together buyers and sellers of connectivity services. Importantly, our users said it needed to be neutral and free of any service provider influence.So, that’s exactly what we did.We’re still working hard to get the message out there and encourage those of you in procurement to consider branching out of your network, and list your requirements on Cloudscene’s Marketplace.After all, there are 6,000+ service providers on Cloudscene. Why wouldn’t anyone take advantage of this free and independent service?And for those avid sellers eager to get their competitive quotes and enviable service offering in front of new buyers, I suggest you talk to us about getting our daily alerts so you never miss a new Marketplace listing. Simply send us your countries of interest and the leads come to you. Nothing to lose, everything to gain!With Bevan Slattery’s backing, the business is investing heavily in 2018 to further develop Cloudscene’s Marketplace, and we’re keen to share some of those plans with you in person (on the down-low) at ITW.ITW will also see Cloudscene move one step closer to finalizing our first API with a global cloud provider. More on this news in the coming months (we can’t wait for this announcement!).So, with just a few short weeks to go until the ITW festivities begin, we’d welcome data center operators, carriers, cloud providers and analysts to schedule some time to meet with us.Request a Meeting with Cloudscene at ITWWe look forward to seeing you there!

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