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London, Frankfurt & Amsterdam Revealed as the Top Three Markets to Colocate in 2018

Cloudscene, the world's largest directory of colocation data centers, cloud service providers and network fabrics, has revealed the Fast 50 Markets to Colocate in 2018.Based on total data centers, service providers and network fabrics, Europe dominated the top three positions with London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam leading Washington DC and Hong Kong, who appeared in fourth and fifth place respectively.Serial tech entrepreneur and Cloudscene’s founder, Bevan Slattery said: “Hong Kong has been on my radar for some time, but to see it make the top five now and stand alongside colocation royalty such as London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Washington DC is a testament to the great things to come from this market in 2018."Colocation markets within the APAC region accounted for 18% of the Fast 50 list, with Sydney, Singapore and Tokyo also appearing in the top 20. Markets across Europe and North America each contributed 40%, with South America standing at just 2%. The complete list of Fast 50 Markets to Colocate in 2018 is as follows:RANKINGMARKETFAST 50 SCORE1London5652Frankfurt4253Amsterdam3954Washington DC3905Hong Kong3816Los Angeles3807Bay Area3728Dallas3439Sydney33510Paris33211Chicago32912Singapore31513New York30414Atlanta24615Toronto23416Jersey City22817Tokyo22618Denver22619Seattle21820Miami18221Melbourne16922Phoenix16823Moscow16724Stockholm16525Zurich14026Brisbane13527Vienna13328Madrid12729Minneapolis12630Boston12331Montreal12132Munich11833Manchester11834Brussels11635Milan11536Dublin11437Warsaw11138Perth11039Dusseldorf10540Berlin10241São Paulo10042Mumbai9543Houston9244Kansas City9045Copenhagen8746Rotterdam8647Philadelphia8448Auckland8449Sofia8450Las Vegas78For further information on Cloudscene's markets, including the top data center operators, service providers and facilities, browse the 550+ markets on Cloudscene or take a look at our live Rankings tool.You can also instantly compare Cloudscene's market data side-by-side. Take a look at:

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