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New Data Centers Planned As Global Demand Grows

This round-up of recent announcements of planned data centers across the globe highlights expected demand in both established and emerging markets. AppleApple has committed more than US$10 billion to data center investment in the United States. This move is part of the technology giant’s five-year nationwide expansion, which will create 20,000 jobs in the United States. This massive buildout will support Apple’s rapidly growing web services, such as the App Store and Apple Music. Apple currently outsources to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, as well as leases space from colocation providers. EquinixEquinix is building an AU$160-million International Business Exchange (IBX) data center in Alexandria, about 2.5 miles from Sydney's CBD. The colocation giant anticipates that SY5 will be the largest to date among the 16 Equinix IBX data centers across Australia. SY5 will host a total colocation space of more than 260,000 square feet, offering an initial capacity of 1,825 cabinets, growing to 9,225 cabinets when completed in Q3 2019. Equinix is simultaneously investing US$85 million to build SG4, its fourth data center in eastern Singapore. Scheduled to open in Q4 2019, the seven-story data center will house more than 4,000 cabinets at full build-out, with a total colocation space of more than 132,180 square feet. Equinix has three existing data centers in western Singapore, where 575+ companies colocate. Equinix SG1 was ranked #3 by Cloudscene in its annual round-up of Top Data Centers & Service Providers Worldwide. Vantage Data CentersVantage Data Centers has acquired 50 acres of land outside of Phoenix in Goodyear, Arizona. It will be home to three data centers that will accommodate a total of 160MW of critical load. Once fully developed, the sprawling Goodyear campus will have more than 1 million square feet of total space and 800,000 square feet of total leasable data center space — the largest of Vantage’s seven current and planned campuses. Construction is expected to be underway in early 2019. The first 32MW phase is projected to be online in early 2020.VirtusVirtus, the third largest colocation provider in the UK, has announced their plan to build five additional data centers across its two existing campuses in London, Europe’s largest data center market. This expansion will add 76MW of power capacity to Virtus’ portfolio, doubling its portfolio size to 145MW.Singapore-based telecommunications giant ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT GDC), which acquired Virtus in 2017, is backing this US$645M (£500M) project. All five data centers will be built at the same time over the next two years, making this one of the largest digital infrastructure projects ever seen in Europe. RagingWireRagingWire, an NTT Communications subsidiary, is building its new 16-megawatt data center on a 3.3-acre site in Santa Clara, California — right in the heart of Silicon Valley. RagingWire also has data center campuses in Ashburn, Virginia; Dallas, Texas; and Sacramento, California. Dubbed SV1, the planned 160,000-square-foot data center will have four stories with a total of 64,000 square feet of data floor space. It’s expected to be completed by 2020.SV1 will be equipped with NTT Communications' seismic stability system, making the entire facility earthquake-proof. The data center’s focus on security is clear with its building-within-a-building design, biometric identification systems, intelligent high-definition video cameras, anti-tailgate mantraps, an anti-climb perimeter fence, and a security gate that can stop a 15,000-pound truck traveling at 30 mph.Hilco Redevelopment PartnersHilco Redevelopment Partners plans to build a large data center campus on the site of a former coal-burning power plant in Pilsen. The Chicago area ranks third in the country for the number of data centers according to Cloudscene United States Country Overview. The Hilco campus will have two multi-story buildings, taking up a total of 350,000 square feet. CyrusOneCyrusOne, a high-growth real estate investment trust (REIT), acquired 15.5 acres of land from Schiphol Area Development Company (SADC) to build a new data center campus in PolanenPark in Amsterdam. CyrusOne has 1,000 customers, including more than 200 Fortune 1,000 companies. PolanenPark is the company’s second major expansion in the Netherlands. When fully developed, it will span 360,000 square feet with an estimated 72MW of power capacity. According to CyrusOne Europe’s Managing Director, Matt Pullen, one of the company’s focus areas is water efficiency. The PolanenPark “hyperscale, purpose-built data centers use an air-cooled chiller technology with an integrated compressor and condenser that cool the closed loop of water. Filling the pipe with water just a single time is the only water consumption.”Looking for a data center for your business? You can search for data centers and services providers via the Cloudscene Directory. If you’d like to add your data center to Cloudscene or want to find out how you can claim your profile on our site, please reach out to our team.

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