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Cloudscene Product Update: Compare Tool Advances

Where are the top colocation data centers? Who are the top cloud service providers? And which data center ecosystems are the most connected? As the world's largest cloud directory, we work hard to assist our users in answering these questions by offering a comprehensive global database supported by rankings and 700+ market profilesTo expand on the value-add services we provide Cloudscene's users, we launched a number of new features in January including favorites, alerts and our data center comparison tool. In February we developed the compare tool further to incorporate the ability to compare cloud service providers and markets.Compare Service ProvidersAvailable on all service provider listings, simply click on the scales icon located above the map to compare any two profiles side-by-side:

Compare Data Centers

Once you've selected two service providers (and you're logged in), you'll be able to analyze the data available on the two companies ie rankings, company information, connectivity (operated markets, PoPs and fabric memberships) and contact details:

Colt and euNetworks

Compare MarketsWith more than 700 markets spanning 110 countries, we've made it easier to compare countries/cities/regions side-by-side in just a matter of clicks. Accessible from any of Cloudscene's market pages, the compare tool now allows users to select two markets to generate a detailed comparison between the regions. This includes macro level data and information relating to the overall connectivity and ecosystems within the given markets. To start comparing markets, simply select the scales icon in the top right of the page (above the map) and follow the prompts.

Compare Data Center Markets

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