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Feature-Rich Product Update to Kick Off 2017

We certainly know how to kick off a New Year! This month we're giving back to our loyal users by introducing a number of new features available only when logged into your Cloudscene account.This week we went live with the following:Favorites & AlertsIf you'd like to keep track of a particular listing, you can now add it to your favorites to make it easier to revisit information of interest. Favorites can be created for data centers, service providers, network fabrics and markets. You can access My Favorites any time from the admin menu, you just need to be logged in!You can also request to be notified of changes made to a listing with our new Alert feature. You'll receive a once-daily email summary only if changes/updates have been made to any of your favorites. You can turn the alerts off or pause them at any time.To create a favorite, simply search and select the listing you are interested in eg. Colt and click on the Favorite icon in the top right of the profile as indicated below:

You'll know the Favorite has been selected when the icon is a solid color. The alert icon is automatically selected when you choose a favorite but you can remove this immediately if you're not keen on receiving emails when changes are made to the particular listing. You can uncheck email alerts or remove favorites easily from the My Favorites area in your profile:

Cloudscene Favorites

Market GraphsMore of a visual person? We've launched graphs on all Market pages to give users a quick snapshot of the region of interest. You can get an overview of a region's ecosystem and its top players quickly using this feature as detailed below on the UK market page:

UK Market Graphs

The information is calculated based on the data collated and published by Cloudscene. This information is derived from public data or supplied (and verified by us) from the service providers themselves. With respect to the rankings, the graphs are automatically generated based on:

  • Top Data Center Operator Ecosystems: The total number of service providers within all the facilities the data center operator has within the region
  • Largest Data Center Operators: The total number of data centers operated as a percentage of the total within the region
  • Top Service Providers: The total number of PoPs as a percentage of the total within the region

If you have any data that may be of interest to us, you're welcome to reach out to our Data Analysis Team via who are always too happy to receive new information.Coming SoonIn just a matter of weeks we'll launch our most hotly anticipated new feature: Cloudscene Compare. With this tool, you will be able to select two data centers and compare the data side-by-side aiding in decision and saving our users hours of research. Stay tuned for more!

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