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Q1, 2018 Data Center Operator Leaderboard Cut-off Approaches

Just days remain before the official data cut-off for Cloudscene's Q1, 2018 Data Center Operator Leaderboard.Data center operators are encouraged to review their data on Cloudscene before Friday, 30th March 2018, taking into special consideration the facilities published on the directory and the service providers in each data center.Now in its second year, Cloudscene's quarterly leaderboard ranks the top ten data center operators in North America, EMEA, Oceania and Asia to provide the industry with the top players in each market.Last quarter saw Equinix dominate the rankings across all four regions, with the colocation giant demonstrating its strength throughout the 2017 year by growing its overall score by 9.04% (from Q1 to Q4, 2017).The Q4, 2017 Leaderboard resulted in considerable movement due to the introduction of new eligibility criteria, which requires all leaderboard entrants to be carrier-neutral data center operators.Serial tech entrepreneur and Cloudscene’s founder, Bevan Slattery said: “Carrier neutrality is an area that continues to be of critical consideration in the colocation decision-making process. We need to focus on and celebrate data center operators and facilities that embrace customer and carrier access on a non-discriminatory basis.“Discussions with key members of the industry led to Cloudscene’s decision to only accept carrier-neutral operators for our quarterly leaderboard, while leaving the Cloudscene directory listings completely open and available to all operators.”The Q1, 2018 Data Center Operator Leaderboard will be determined from the 6,070 service providers that are now published on Cloudscene's global directory, with the announcement coming in early May 2018.The rankings are based on a combined score that considers both density and connectivity of each operator. Specifically, the score is derived from each operator's total data centers in the region and total service providers within all the operator's facilities in the region. This is based on data published on Cloudscene by the close of the given quarter.With previous announcements featured in Computer Weekly, Data Economy, Capacity Magazine, Data Center News Asia and Data Center News Europe, the rankings are strongly contended by all data center operators each quarter. The previous leaderboard announcements are available below:

Rankings will be determined from the data available on Cloudscene by close of business on Friday, 30th March 2018. If you have any questions, comments or require support in updating your data, reach out to Cloudscene via Cloudscene data is based on public information or information provided by the data center operators and the industry. Any data center operators that choose not, or are unable, to publish their facilities/connectivity data publicly may not be reflected on Cloudscene’s leaderboard.

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