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Redefining Cloudscene’s Visual Identity

Powerful branding and design happen when we stretch our thinking beyond simply product and marketing, and switch our focus to the values and principles of our business. Cloudscene, as a company, is founded on the belief that enterprise businesses – and the wider internet industry – deserve a smarter way to source and sell network services. We’re driving a new wave of digital procurement through Cloudscene’s centralized and digitized Marketplace and market intelligence platform.As a team, we’ve worked to capture this revolutionary change across our company’s new visual identity. Ensuring all of Cloudscene’s people were involved in the journey was highly important for us. Each individual team member has played their part in bringing the new Cloudscene to life.We’re excited to release our redeveloped brand and design, founded on the fundamental elements of agility, flexibility, and simplicity which are fuelling digital procurement – and ultimately, our vision. So, what’s changed and why?Transforming the Cloudscene LogoTransforming the Cloudscene logo meant undergoing a rigorous exploration phase, working with an array of ideas and possibilities. The aim was to develop a logo mark that was simplistic, scalable, and most of all – iconic. Cloudscene is cutting through the highly competitive IT services industry with a unique value proposition, and so, the business required a logo that was synonymous with evolution as well as clarity. Creating a logo mark that could morph across brand applications was a key focus. Refining the curvature of the cloud symbol would bring the Cloudscene logo into the new age. We wanted to use soft, modern shapes, that are easy on the eye, to permeate through the company’s identity.

cloudscene rebrand 1

The previous Cloudscene logo mark focused on an interconnected fractal cloud. We wanted to bring together this fragmented imagery and transform our new logo into a more complete mark to represent consolidation as well as freedom and optionality for the user.

cloudscene rebranding glitch

Our new mark symbolizes the multiple pathways and convergence between locations, network services, and infrastructure.Refining the Color Palette We simplified and refined our color palette to hero a bright blue which fundamentally delivers connotations of positivity, vibrancy, and intelligence. Our aim was for Cloudscene to symbolize ease and simplicity within the industry; so, we chose complementary grays and navy blues to form the rest of the palette.

cloudscene color palette

Our color palette is flexible with the ability to be changed up depending on context. The inverted color palette creates more opportunities for variation where needed. However, these colors still work within the parameters of our brand.

inverted colors Cloudscene brand

Did we mention swag? Our brand now easily transcends the Cloudscene website and platform into external branding opportunities. The crisp white against the navy backdrop accentuates our new logo. At the same time, these colors are understated and wearable.

cloudscene rebrand swag

Evolving the TypefaceWe chose DM Sans as our primary typeface; a low-contrast geometric sans serif font designed and intended for use at smaller text sizes. It was essential that our typeface work across multiple screen environments and have clarity at small sizes. The DM Sans project was commissioned by Google from Colophon, an international and award-winning type foundry based in London.

cloudscene typeface

Building out the IconographyStreamlining the various aspects of network connectivity enough to be conveyed via iconography was initially a challenging task. We wanted to achieve a complete suite of icons to support Cloudscene’s overall message of solving the difficulties of sourcing and selling within the industry. Representing the way that Cloudscene simplifies this often convoluted area required us to pare back the graphics so that they came across as effortless but all-encompassing at the same time.Our iconography language is now portrayed as flat linework. Each icon points to a higher-level solution or service for addressing industry challenges. The icons come together as individual elements forming a more impactful overall message.

iconography cloudscene

Creating a Solutions-First Brand VoiceEnsuring our company identity represented our dedication to industry change – and more importantly, to our users – meant flipping the script on the communication and design of our website. We wanted to ensure we were speaking directly to our customers in order to resonate with them through branding and design. So, we listened to their pain points, and we responded. Our brand voice is now more personal and our messaging reflects the value Cloudscene is bringing to our users.

There’s always an opportunity to use humor within your brand voice when appropriate. Especially, when you want to resonate with people. Being completely transparent in our taglines means we can be relatable – and a little bold at the same time.

Undergoing a complete company rebrand – and in turn, redefining the way Cloudscene is understood by our wider audience of telecommunications professionals and enterprise businesses, has required us to dig deep and consider our company values as well as our wider industry impact. We’ve aligned these changes to our overarching goal of empowering businesses to connect – and evolving the way they source and sell within the industry. Modernizing the industry starts with elevating our company’s brand identity to set the standard for a new-age way of thinking. We’ve marked 2020 with some major changes – stay tuned for more big things to come from Cloudscene, this year. Visit for the full rebranded experience.

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