Simplifying the Monitoring and Management of Communications with Network Buyers

Already a two trillion dollar industry, the global telecommunications sector is set to skyrocket in the coming years as enterprise buyers increasingly start to take advantage of virtualization technologies like SD-WAN to tackle cloud and digital business demands. With worldwide public cloud services forecasted to grow 17% in 2020 to total $266.4 billion and the global data center power market expected to reach $34.7 billion by 2025, the demand for services in this space is showing no signs of slowing down. As a new wave of telecommunications and network requirements hits, service providers may need to look for new ways to manage the influx of requests through better enabling their sales teams. When it comes to organizing and managing communications with buyers of network services, sales personnel often find it’s a much more complicated process than it should be. Service providers across the telecommunications, colocation, cloud, and connectivity sectors receive multiple information and quote requests per day, typically across a wide range of different platforms, and in a variety of formats. This often makes for messy operations and wasted time and energy on what is essentially a mountain of administration work. Take into consideration the back and forth communications – even with a single client – and the whole process can become incredibly complex. Organizing the flow of communications, and having to swivel between different platforms and paperwork, can actually take away from your focus on the customer relationship which could be detrimental to the opportunity. Not only that, it makes it almost impossible to effectively monitor your requests and responses creating room for error. Shortening and simplifying your sales cycle through better communication monitoring and management can deliver value for both you as a service provider and your customers. There are a few keys factors as to how this can be achieved:Implementing a streamlined request and response processCompletely digitizing your communication flow can be the most effective way to streamline your request and response process. By eliminating the need for long phone calls, manual paperwork tasks, complicated email chains, as well as reduce in-person meetings, you can simplify how you receive and respond to leads. Digital marketplaces, which are on the rise across various global industries, provide an effective solution.Consolidating and centralizing communications Bringing all of your requests and responses into one centralized place can make managing your client relationships far easier compared to jumping between different means of communication - whether they’re manual or digital. Accounting for and managing the communications for every element of your pipeline can be achieved when your activities are consolidated and helps to ensure no lead falls through the cracks. This solution should also help to reduce your expenditure as you can remove overheads for multiple means of communication. Using one platform as a single source of truthTracking and monitoring your requests and responses between buyers becomes easy once your communications process has become both digitized and centralized. Using one platform as a single source of truth for overseeing your pipeline removes the ambiguity around knowing where your leads are coming from, who you’ve responded to and when, and which services are required by whom. Back and forth contact can be managed from one place and reporting on ROI becomes far more simple when you have all instances of communication right in front of you. As the demand for network services globally continues to trend upwards, service providers have the opportunity to more effectively monitor and manage their communications with buyers. Thinking about how to manage the next wave of requirements for network services should be top of mind for sellers in the telecommunications space._ _Ready to adopt a more effective way to manage and monitor your communication with clients? Visit Cloudscene’s Marketplace and discover how the sellers of network services are already centralizing and digitizing their processes and simplifying their sales cycle.

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