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Sourcing for the Future: How to Scale your Network in 2021

As global businesses continue to recover from this year’s challenges, many industries are getting ready for the “great reset” come 2021. That’s not to say that in many areas, we’ve seen a massive uptick in revenue throughout 2020 which is only trending up as the world moves forward into the new normal. Either way, the enterprise has boundless opportunities ahead. Here are our top considerations for scaling your network to capture and leverage this momentum.

Expand your horizons

Expansion and scale can come in many different forms. But, when we think about the most impactful ways to anchor onto the trends and advancements happening this year, two key factors come into play: scaling to new markets and scaling operationally with new technologies.

There’s no doubt the world’s businesses are bandwidth-hungry and the entire ecosystem as we know it is going through a major transformation phase, as we speak, due to the demand for network we’ve experienced, this year. So, data center and network service providers are building out the computing edge, enabling deployments closer to the cloud, they’re extending global network infrastructure like subsea landing stations, and making internet access on demand accessible so that businesses can connect more easily and strategically expand their operations.

This is enabling businesses to start unlocking the doors to new opportunities, for example, in emerging markets that are primed for new growth. Catering to new sectors, or expanding your presence in new industry verticals that are set to skyrocket – for example, media and entertainment, healthcare and fitness, logistics, or e-commerce – might be top of mind for your organization. 

Whichever way you’re scaling, expanding your network infrastructure and digital technologies will likely be your focus, and quite possibly, your number one priority, as you move into 2021.

Digitally reinforce your business

Embracing digital transformation is pretty much the soundtrack to 2020; the massive demand for digital technologies that we should have been experiencing in a few years’ time has been brought forward. We’ve seen five years of digital transformation in a single year.

And, if you weren’t ahead of the curve, now is the time to be thinking seriously about automating and digitizing elements of your business not only to ensure you’re on an equal playing field in your industry but also to build for the future. Because the future is essentially

When it comes to reinforcing your business, supporting your current and upcoming workloads, and enabling your workforce, there’s already been a shift in what’s considered to be the critical infrastructure and technology to enable this.

The core assets of the modern connected world account for flexibility, dynamism, and resilience compared to the traditional core assets in which organizations have previously placed importance and investment. Services such as on-demand connectivity, SD-WAN, and edge technologies will be key to operating and advancing global businesses moving forward.

Expanding to new heights in 2021 may mean committing to getting the most value out of your data and considering AI and Machine Learning technologies which will likely be incredibly influential across the next generation of data and network services, as data processing and automation become crucial parts of modern logistics and supply chains.

Digital infrastructure will be at the heart of thriving businesses in 2021 and beyond, representing the central nervous system of the digital economy, as the world becomes even more connected through data. Edge data centers will keep data moving closer to the network and cloud edge where massive migrations of traffic have already taken place and the enterprise will only grow in its willingness to go cloud-first into the next year.

Make friends in new places

Exploring new viable markets for your business. Getting set for regional or global expansion. Managing a network project with resources in unfamiliar locations. Where do you even start when you have zero contacts where you need them?

The importance of strong industry connections is highly apparent when they’re non-existent. Building relationships with preferred suppliers of network services is critical to achieving your organization’s expansion goals as knowing the market you’re moving into – and having that local support – means you can make stronger, more profitable decisions for your company.

It’s also hugely important to have freedom of choice when it comes to interacting with vendors to expand your network – so, not only do you need to know who to contact but also who’s the best choice for your requirements. 

Selecting the optimum services in new markets means getting set up in ample time, having the reliability of a secure, high-performance service (whether that’s data center racks, cloud connectivity, internet access, or dark fiber, and so on), and knowing you’ve been given the opportunity to choose from competitive pricing options.

When it comes to scaling your network beyond 2020, taking cues from the state of the industry is key – and leveraging global opportunities around emerging markets and new technologies will likely be the gateway to success. First of all, connecting with the right service providers to drive your project is the crucial factor underpinning business expansion in 2021.

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