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The Revolutionary Rise of Digitization in Vietnam with Viettel IDC’s Ngoc Hoang

Globally, digital transformation has been accelerated by the impact of Covid-19, and in some regions, the transformation is only beginning.

Vietnam is experiencing what’s being labelled the fourth industrial revolution, where digital technologies like cloud and datacenter services are totally shifting the way people interact and businesses operate.

Here, we gain insights from Ngoc Hoang, CEO of Viettel IDC – the leading provider of data center and cloud computing services in Vietnam, about the surge in requirements for digitization across Vietnam, and how the leading cloud and data center provider is contributing to the rise of Vietnam as a prosperous, developed middle power, and therein meeting demands for foreign global business.

Skyrocketing demand for cloud and data center services in Vietnam

Having reached $14 billion last year and expected to hit $43 billion by 2025, there’s no doubt that Vietnam’s digital economy is on the rise as more of the nation’s people and businesses are turning to digital functions.

Likened to a ‘dragon being unleashed’ in a 2018 report by Google and Temasek, Vietnam is home to thousands of individuals who are only now plugging in to the Internet, with new users making up 41% of all digital service users in the country.

These users are bringing with them a whole new wave of demand for digital services - like the cloud connectivity and data center services that Viettel IDC provides - as they gradually embrace the power of integrating IT and everyday tasks.

However, Viettel IDC’s director tells us that fulfilling all these newfound demands for cloud and data center services is no easy task for local providers, especially considering the rate at which the country’s requirements are climbing.

“Despite much fanfare,” Ngoc says, “there are still significant obstacles to harnessing the power of digital technology and increasing digital inclusiveness, so that people located outside the big cities can benefit from this 4.0 revolution.”

Ngoc says that Viettel IDC’s service ecosystem, comprising several award-winning data center and cloud computing services, is being recognized for its ability to meet both local and foreign business demands as organizations in and around Vietnam continue to harness the potential of Viettel IDC’s solutions.

Digital advancement opening doors for the Vietnamese

The nationwide 4.0 digital revolution has caught the attention of Vietnam’s government, who view it as an opportunity to contribute towards a more prosperous Vietnam - namely, one that is among the high-income group of countries. They want Vietnam to become a developed middle power by 2045.

“To realize this goal, the digital economy is the most important driving force that will open up many possibilities for our nation,” Ngoc says.

“Vietnam is currently enjoying ‘a golden opportunity’ to create new digital breakthroughs that will enhance labour productivity and shake off the threats of the middle-income trap, all thanks to its abundance of young, well-trained and technologically-savvy labour forces.”

In response to the rapidly transforming situation, the government has launched a ‘Make in Vietnam’ initiative, promoting the domestic ICT industry and supporting the innovation of high-tech offerings by Vietnamese providers.

Viettel IDC’s service ecosystem comprises more than 35 services - according to Viettel IDC’s CEO - with a clear emphasis on high-performance cloud and data center services.

Ngoc believes that as more digital innovation is generated from within Vietnam, perhaps through that in cloud computing and new data center infrastructure, the stronger the nation will become as a serious player in the global digital economy.

“Of course, to get far with digital technology, Vietnam cannot rely on foreign services,” Ngoc says. “Vietnamese businesses - with their own ‘Make in Vietnam’ products and digital solutions - must make breakthroughs and solidify their market leading position.”

And doing their part, Viettel IDC is digitally empowering local businesses to make these breakthroughs, delivering cloud and data center capabilities that many in Vietnam have never accessed before.

Paving the way for a digitally transformed - and reformed - future

“With new technologies, new ways, and new organizational models used to make breakthroughs and spark creativity, digital transformation is about not only the technical application, but also operational reform for Vietnam,” Ngoc says.

He believes that the 4.0 digital revolution Vietnam is undergoing will completely uproot the traditional ways of living and working, and major innovations in cloud and technological infrastructure will be responsible for setting this paradigm shift in motion.

“The core technologies of Revolution 4.0 are sure to be AI, Big Data, robots, and 3D printing,” Ngoc says, “but overall, we can see that it rests heavily on telecommunications and IT.”

“Viettel IDC - with its mission to become the leading platform for digital transformation - will pioneer domestic innovation by providing the critical infrastructure that meets international standards and is reliable enough for nationwide use,” he says.

Together, regional providers like Viettel will step up their services to meet the ever-rising demands for homegrown digital offerings in cloud and data center colocation, leading to the digital rise of Vietnam - a nation that will soon thrive in the light of digital transformation.


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Contributor: Ngoc Hoang, CEO, Viettel IDC

Hoang Van Ngoc, Viettel IDC

Mr. Hoang Van Ngoc has held various positions of senior directorship in Viettel Group for more than 13 years. He has deep industry knowledge and global market experience in IT & Telecommunication.

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