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So Just Who Are The Top Data Center Companies?

Who are the top data center providers in your region? Finding out is easier than you think. In fact, you can view the Top 10 Data Centers across 110+ countries in just two simple clicks.Cloudscene’s free Rankings tool pulls global data from our comprehensive cloud directory to rank the top colocation data centers based on the number of service providers, followed by the number of known PoPs in each respective data center.Let’s say you were looking for Chicago colocation data centers. To find the rankings for this region, you’d simply select United States of America from the Country dropdown and Chicago from the Market dropdown:


The top data centers and top service providers for the Chicago market are then populated in order of ranking which, at the time of this post, are as follows:1. CH1 - Equinix2. CH2 - Equinix3. CH1 - Coresite4. CH3 - Equinix5. 350 E. Cermak Road - Digital Realty6. CH4 - Equinix7. Chicago - 365 Data Centers8. 600 S Federal - Zayo9. Chicago - Alteredscale10. CH-1 - LatisysRankings are updated automatically and can change at any given point of time based on the updates made both by Cloudscene’s data analysts and the data center operators or service providers themselves.If you have any feedback regarding the data published on our site, please reach out to us via info@cloudscene.comCheck out Data Center RankingsSearch all Data CentersSearch all Service Providers

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