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Top Data Center Providers: Who are they and how do they rank globally?

We recently revealed the results of our Q1, 2017 Leaderboard which ranks the top data center companies in North America, EMEA, Oceania and Asia.Selected from a pool of more than 4,900 service providers*, the top ten ranking is determined per region based on a combined score of density (number of colocation data centers) and connectivity (number of PoPs).Equinix dominated the rankings across all four regions comfortably taking the top spot in each leaderboard. Global Switch also performed strongly, securing a top five spot in three of the regions. Both operators also feature in the top five data center operators with the most direct connections in data center facilities worldwide (see Cloud On-Ramps).The top data center companies for quarter one of this year are revealed below.Top Data Center Operators in North America:

Top Data Center Companies in North America

View the top data center providers in the United States on Cloudscene:EquinixDigital RealtyCoreSiteZayoCenturyLinkLevel 3TierPointVerizonCologix365 Data CentersTop Data Center Operators in EMEA:

Data Center Operators in EMEA

View the top data center providers in Europe on Cloudscene:EquinixInterxionTelehouseDigital RealtyGlobal SwitchLevel 3NikhefColtOrangeNXDATATop Data Center Operators in Oceania:

Top Data Center Companies in Oceania

View the top data center providers in Australia on Cloudscene:EquinixNEXTDCVocusAAPTGlobal SwitchPIPEDatacomMetronodeiseekData Centre LtdTop Data Center Operators in Asia:

Top Data Center Companies in Asia

View the top data center providers in Asia on Cloudscene:EquinixiAdvantageNTTGlobal SwitchNetmagicGPXTataAIMSPCCWCenterServFor the first quarter period (January to March 2017), the spread of connectivity was centralized to North America and EMEA. Specifically, 41.6% of the PoPs were in North America, 40.4% in EMEA, 9.5% in Asia and 8.5% in Oceania as detailed in the quarterly infographic.Please note, the cut-off for the Q2 Leaderboard is Friday, 24 June 2017. To ensure the accuracy of all data center listings for next quarter’s leaderboard, data center operators are encouraged to update their company data on Cloudscene before the cut-off date.*At the time of publication of the Q1 2017 Leaderboard

Next DC on Cloudscene

“We are extremely pleased with NEXTDC’s position on Cloudscene's Oceania leaderboard, it reflects the rapid growth of our business and the increasing importance of interconnection to our customers and partners. Oceania faces challenges in the form of vast distances between IT hubs and a highly dispersed population, which we are working hard to overcome by expanding our data centre footprint and driving on-demand, flexible networking to the world’s top public and private cloud providers – it’s a very exciting time for NEXTDC.”Adam Scully, NEXTDC Group Executive - Sales & Marketing

Vocus on Cloudscene

"Vocus is pleased to be acknowledged as a leading provider of Data Centre services throughout Australia and New Zealand by Cloudscene. Combining strong partnerships with our customers and a great range of services available in our Carrier Neutral Data Centres, we delight in smashing expectations."

Adam Gardner, GM Data Centres, Vocus Communications

SuneVision on Cloudscene

“We are delighted to receive these recognitions and we are thrilled to be recognized as a leading data centre operator in Asia. Measured by data centre density and connectivity, the ranking underlines our sharp focus on data centre solution, our long-term commitments and dedicated efforts in providing world-class data centre facility and solution to our customers, which allow us to gain a top spot in the highly competitive environment with a number of top-notch operators in the regions. We also believe that our carrier-neutral position is essential in attracting major service providers that help drive the connected ecosystem vital for data centre operations.”Peter Yan, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, SUNeVision (iAdvantage)

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