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Trending Colocation Data Centers & Cloud Service Providers Now Available on Cloudscene

Today we're pleased to announce the release of a new tool providing further data analysis for our users: Cloudscene Trending.

Stemming from Cloudscene's recent announcement of a quarterly leaderboard for data center operators (see Q1, 2017 Leaderboard), the trending tool provides a daily insight into our listings and supports users in keeping abreast of market movements.

Using a weighted scoring formula with results published at midnight (AEST) daily, Cloudscene Trending reveals the most viewed and recently updated listings from Cloudscene's directory of 5,600+ colocation data centers and 4,900+ service providers.

Trending on Cloudscene Today

From the trending results, users can view the profile of the service provider or data center and, for those that would like to keep track of particular listings, set-up alerts that notify users of any changes made to listings of particular interest. The alerts feature sends a once-daily email summary of any changes/updates which can be turned off or paused at any time.

Find out which listings are capturing the attention of our users within the global data center market - could it be you? Trending on Cloudscene today.

Q1 Leaderboard Results

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