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Tracking the footprint of cloud on-ramps across global regions by the
world’s leading Cloud Service Providers.
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2020 and 2021 saw global challenges for Internet and Cloud Service Providers emerge from an enormous increase in demand for cloud technologies, resources, and connectivity due to the largest surge in remote workers using these services for daily productivity and communications.

As cloud requirements wildly accelerated, so did the expansion of cloud on-ramps across key markets, as industry leaders strived to support business needs.

Cloudscene’s 2021 Global Cloud Growth Trends Report reveals the locations, market share and latest growth trends for cloud on-ramps, globally. Based on leading market data, sourced directly from the industry’s service providers, these unique in-depth statistics will inform business leaders about the state of cloud growth, and support trend predictions for 2021 and beyond.

This report presents a comprehensive overview of the market share and growth opportunities in the cloud market, collated by Cloudscene's team of data analysts. Receive 23 pages of research and expert insights, plus 33 informative charts and graphs for $1950 USD.
  • Global Cloud On-Ramp Locations: Discover the top countries, markets, data center operators and network fabrics based on total cloud on-ramps, as well as regional breakdowns for cloud on-ramps and cloud interconnects.
  • Cloud Market Share: Gain insights into the global cloud market share by Cloud Service Provider, and Cloud Service Providers’ market share by region.
  • Cloud Growth Trends: Find out where the future of cloud is headed with insights into cloud on-ramp growth by service provider, network fabrics, Cloud Service Provider on-ramp expansion by region, and global cloud on-ramp growth by location.
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