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With Cloudscene, you can search and compare thousands of data center operators and cloud service providers across 110 countries. Cloudscene’s rankings provide further insight as to who the major players are in any given region and which markets are the most connected worldwide.

Cloudscene also publishes a leaderboard of the top data center operators based on both data center density (total operated data centers) and service provider presence, total network fabrics, and total cloud on-ramps within each operated data center across regions.


H2, 2020 Cloudscene Leaderboard

The H2, 2020 Leaderboard reflects the top ten data center operators in North America, EMEA, Oceania, Asia and Latin America for the July to December 2020 period.

“During what was a disruptive year for colocation, connectivity, and cloud, we’ve seen industry leaders hold their ground in the H2, 2020 Leaderboard, along with movement across the top ten in all regions,” said Belle Lajoie, CEO, Cloudscene.

Globally, Equinix was positioned as the leader in four out of five regions, taking out the top spot in North America, Asia, Oceania, and the inaugural Latin America rankings, with Digital Realty placed first in EMEA for the second time.

North America saw Digital Realty in second place, with CoreSite in third. Notably, DataBank entered the top 10 for this region for the first time, having recently expanded its ecosystem with the acquisition of a number of Zayo’s data centers.

In EMEA, Equinix and Lumen Technologies (formerly CenturyLink) were positioned in second and third, respectively, while in Asia, NTT Communications and SUNeVision followed the top spot, with @Tokyo making its debut into the Leaderboard, positioned eighth. Oceania’s results saw NextDC and Vocus ranked second and third.

The opening results across Latin America placed Digital Realty second, and Lumen Technologies following in third position.

“Latin America experienced significant demand for network services across 2020, which resulted in a spike in buyer activity on Cloudscene Marketplace. Introducing LATAM into the H2, 2020 Leaderboard rankings was therefore timely and we’re continuing to work alongside local vendors to ensure we have the most recent market data for this important region.”

Data was sourced from service providers and data center operators, and collated based on the following categories which were each assigned a weight based on relative importance for understanding data center ecosystems across the industry:

– Total data center footprint (20%)

– Service provider ecosystem (30%)

– Total network fabric presence (20%)

– Total cloud on-ramps (30%)

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