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Screenshot of Searching for Data Centers in a particular Market (example provided is San Jose). The image also includes certain information provided on these pages including Gross Colocation Size, Gross Building Size and Max Rack Power

Simplify your sourcing

Stuck in a black hole of endless paperwork, phone calls, and email chains? Sourcing network services should be simple. Plug into the right providers and connect with the optimum services quickly so you get back the bandwidth you need.


Bring the industry to you

Cloudscene Marketplace is built on data sourced by the world’s network service providers giving organizations the power to make stronger, more informed business decisions.

Search for vendors who suit your requirements. Premium market intelligence fuels your Marketplace listing, giving you the freedom to choose between services and build optimal network strategy.

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Take the lead

The fastest route to market starts here. Take the lead from informed network buyers to pump your pipeline with qualified opportunities and shorten your sales cycle.

Build connections

Sync with informed
buyers to fulfil network requirements fast.

More bandwidth

Manage communication with customers efficiently and get more done.

Own your domain

Create a visible pipeline
to track and manage opportunities effectively.

Broadcast services

Be seen globally and support thousands of network buyers.

Where the network community connects

Get opportunities delivered directly to you and streamline your selling by managing prospects in one central place. Make a connection by joining the global, independent marketplace that is supporting your future customers on their buying journey.

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Power your productivity

Access new ways to control, manage, and track your sourcing and selling activities from start to finish. Power your team’s productivity with a streamlined, easy process and the right tools for getting it done.

Simplify and scale-up

Speed to market, scaling up, and achieving goals all start with next-level productivity. By building efficiencies into your stack, you’ll unlock savings on time and spend.

Unlock high performance

Follow a new protocal that works harder for your business, drives high performance, and puts productivity first.

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Make the dream work

You know what they say about teamwork. Assemble your best team players and drive action for your business.

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Work better together across a platform that’s purpose-built for enabling teams to fulfil network procurement and sales.

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Efficiency unlocked

Collaboration fuels efficiency and by working like a well-oiled machine, your business can get more done in less time when it comes to network service fulfillment.
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Easy collaboration

Plug into a system that enables your organization to source and sell together with dedicated roles and responsibilities across the workforce.
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Shared knowledge

Bridge the information gap and get the full picture of your sourcing and selling activities. Support your teammates to optimize your organization’s opportunities and growth in new markets.
Start your team
Source network servicesScreenshot of Cloudscene's option to select service requirements - Including Ethernet, IP Transit, Dark Fiber, Internet Access, Wavelength and Colocation. These options are presented on Cloudscene's Create a Marketplace ListingScreenshot of Cloudscene's option to invite perferred service providers - Provider logos include Digital Realty, Equinix, CoreSite and Lumen

Cloudscene Marketplace enables you to create a listing for your organization’s local or global network, cloud, and data center requirements, invite chosen service providers to respond, or get quotes from the open market for comparison.

List your requirements

Easily create a comprehensive RFQ to reach the optimum vendors, locally and globally.

Receive quotes

Receive and compare quotes from your invited service providers and the open market.

Shortlist and select

Move vendors through the shortlisting stage and select the best option for your business.

Screenshot of Cloudscene's "Create a Listing" process for users

Buyers specify the services needed, locations, contract term, and all the important specifics a seller needs to provide a quote. If published publicly, the listing will be available to the open market to respond to and/or will be sent directly to invited service providers.

Cloudescene Marketplace "Receive a Quote" landing page example

Service providers are invited to provide a quote for the buyer’s Marketplace listing directly through their Cloudscene account. They’ll respond to the listing with the necessary information to demonstrate they can fulfill the requirements. Sellers can also simply browse and provide quotes for public listings on Marketplace.

When you would like to proceed with a quote, you can notify the provider(s) by selecting "I'm Interested". This indicates that you are willing to share your contact details with the provider, and would also like to receive the contact information for the sales representative who submitted the bid.

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