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Located on Cloudscene homepage. Screenshot of Cloudscene's cloud providers with company logos, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, VMware, IBM Cloud, Rackspace and Alibaba Cloud.

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"Cloudscene has supported Acronis through our global expansion project that required colocation and IP Transit in 110 new countries. Our sourcing process via Cloudscene was fast and efficient, and has led to significant cost savings for our business. Both Cloudscene’s Marketplace and their people have made a big impact on our procurement team and we will definitely continue to use the platform."

Viktor Dzhokin
Procurement Specialist

"Organizations are still faced with navigating a complex and fragmented landscape of connectivity options. Cloudscene uniquely provides a global marketplace and centralized platform for interconnection services."

Chris Sharp
Chief Technology Officer - Digital Realty

"Cloudscene enables us to engage with customers when they’re halfway through their buying journey; they already know that application performance is going to be affected by their network so they’re able to make stronger decisions on their connectivity."

Patrick Godden
Global Alliances Manager - Colt

"Gigafy’s expansion into the UK was fuelled by the leading connectivity service providers we sourced on Cloudscene. Spinning up quote requests was quick and easy. The platform has empowered us with the comprehensive data and streamlined process we’ve needed to successfully move into this new market."

Chris Hawke
General Manager

"Cloudscene's Marketplace was very useful to gauge offerings. I’d certainly give 5 stars as far as a service goes!"

Enterprise / Infrastructure architect

"With a few clicks, our sourcing opportunity was live within minutes fielding the first response in an equal amount of time – automating another layer of our business allows us to enhance our speed to delivery."

Vice President, Network & Cloud

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